Langsom Som Verden 
Video installation, 8 min. loop med lyd 2.40M x 3.60M

Ikast Kunstpakhus 

If a Universe Can Be Imagined, It Exists
3 screen synchronised panoramic video projection, 12 meters 12min.loop with sound

KHM Gallery Malmø  

The Lume

12 min loop with sound. Projected On Opal plexiglass 50x70cm. 

Populus Tremulus Gallery, Iceland 

Video Stills and installation view

Whiteness and all grey colours between white and black, 
may be compounded of colors, 
and the whiteness of the sun´s light is compounded of all the primary colors mix´d in a due proportion. 

Between the parts of opake and colour´d Bodies are many spaces, 
either empty, or replenish´d with mediums of other densities;
As water between the tinging corpuscles wherewith any liquor is impregnated, Air between the aqueous Globules that constitute 
Clouds or Mists;
and for the most part spaces of void of both 
Air and Water 
but yet perhaps not wholly void of all substance, between the parts of hard bodies.

" opticks or, a treatise of the reflections, refractions, inflections and colours of light." Isaac Newton 1704

The piece is inspired from the text of Isaac Newton. It speaks to the illusion, and sees to visualize how colors exists in white light. 
The white ball seems to contain the colors later projected as an optical illusion.

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