I paint with photography. 

Most of my work is camera based, using the camera as my tool for expression, where I via manipulation and different approaches to use and compose medias and materials, modulate and create my motifs.  The reality as we know it, is braked apart and with a phenomenological approach the known and the abstract is used in its reconstruction. I often work with the landscape and the body, and seek to deconstruct to rebuild my material in a new context, using instruments such as reflection, displacement and repetition, where the scenarios i create appears as fragments or parts of a larger whole. 

I am  anchored in a metaphysic approach and interest, often working with the dualistic conception of nature in my material, and also the cohesion,-  the body becomes the landscape and the landscape the body, where  I seek to examine the dialectic and the interaction between the human psyche on one hand, and the world and things that inhabit it, on the other, investigating the  borders and edges of human perception.

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