"Knude" (Knot)  Modulated cast / Photography, Fine art print. 

" Dispositioner "  Digital drawings.   

"Landskab", Photography, double exposure. Fine art print. 

"Construction l"  Photography, Fine art print 

"Darkness is Empty Space"  Photography, double exposure. Fine art print 

"Mazy worlds" l ll lll,  cast collage, Fine art print

"Girl in sun"  Photogravure fine art print 

"Hair on shoulder"  photographic embossed print.

"Dyads " Fine art print, Modulated photography 

 "Mazy Road"  Fine art print  Cast modulation/photography 2023 

"Matter and Space (Eruption)"  l ll lll, Modulated photography, Fine art print 

"Light is Transverse" 150 cm x 100 cm Fine art print on Hahnemuhle art pearl, in oak frame.

White Sun, Black soil. Cast modulation, Fine art print.

"Holy Heroine" Cast modulation, Fine art print. 

"Flod" (River) Photography, cast modulation. Fine art print 

"Flod ll" (River ll ) cast modulation. Fine art print 

"uden titel, cast / photography modulation . Fine art print 

"Hånd" photography / Digital drawing. Fine art print 

 "Mazy Sky" Cast modulation/photography . Fine art print.

“To dele” (Two parts) cast modulation/ photography graphic , Fine art print. 

“Tre ben” (Three legs) cast modulation/ photography graphic , Fine art print.

"Girl on a chair"  
Serie of handmade Photogravure 11 x 50 cm x 60 cm from two different motif foils. UV illumination and print on gravure press paper + ghost prints from the originals.

"Mellem to bjerge" (Between two mountains)  Modulated cast/Photography,            Fine art print. 

"Matter and Space"  l ll lll,  photography. Fine art print 

" på vej" Cast modulation/ ink photography, graphic 

Fine art print.

"Expanding From the Center" Photography. Fine art print 

" Particles and Perceptions l "  Photography, pigment cast modulation, Fine art print. 

"Sun 0" photography. Fine art print. 

"Black Sun" photography. Fine art print. 

"Blue Mazy Sky " Photography modulated with pigment cast creation. Fine art print 

"Circle of three" Collage. Fine art print  

"Drifting" Photographic modulation. Fine art print

"Silhuetter l" Cast modulation/ photography graphic 

Fine art print.

"Silhuetter ll" Cast modulation/ photography graphic 

Fine art print.

"Imprint l" photographic cast modulation. Fine art print 

"Imprint ll" photographic cast modulation. Fine art print 

"Construction ll + lll" Photography. Fine art print

" Construction l " Photography. Fine art print

"Blues" pigment photography. Fine art print 

"Matter in Form of Nothing" Photography. Fine art print

"Motherwolf" l + ll, Photography, cyantopi. Fine art print

"Motherwolf" lll, Photographic pigment cast creation. Fine art print


Parallel Perception l ll lll. Photography. Fine art print

"White Portal"  Modulated photography. Fine art print

"Curtain", Photography. Fine art print 

"Battle l ll lll "  photography, + double exposure 

"Woman reflecting the sun", photography. Fine art print

"White Portal ll", photography. Fine art print

"Woman" Modulated photography. Fine art print 

"Moonstair" cast , photography collage. Fine art print 

"Crack", photography. Fine art print 

"Parts and wholes" Cast imprint. Fine art print + cast pieces, positive/negative  

"()" Serie of handmade Photogravure 4 x 50 cm x 60 cm / 4 motif foils. UV illumination and print on gravure press paper.

l + llll Hylomorphism is a philosophical theory developed by Aristotle, which conceives being as a compound of matter (hulé) and form (morphē) 

ll Visual interpretation of text passage from Julia Kristevas "Black Sun, depression and Melancholia"  © Columbia University Press 1989
Graphic section from photography of unknown sculpture. Hand holding bird.

"Vinterlandskab, én vej" photography, Fine art print.  

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